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Support for Logic, Support for Brendan Myers

Brendan Myers has a Kickstarter campaign for creating Clear and Present Thinking: A Free College-level Logic Text. You have a chance to be part of his project by pledging to his campaign to create a free critical text book for students. Kickstarter helps people … Continue reading

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American Academy of Religion

This weekend, I am attending the American Academy of Religion’s 2011 meeting.

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Philosophers and Social Media

Social Media is about building an intentional community… real communities…where you can engage with those topics and people that are important to you.  There are four parts of social media: connection, consumption, curation, and creation. Social media sites and systems can be one, some, or … Continue reading

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Beginning A Pagan Perspective

What is a Pagan Perspective? Note the hedge of ‘a Pagan Perspective’ ensuring that the multiplicity of Pagan voices be given adequate space. These voices will give rise to questions on some of the themes presented by both Schwartz and … Continue reading

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Paradox with Future Generations

The re-population paradox is a vexing problem with theoretical views on applied ethics; however, Pagans often bases their beliefs in experience and intuition. Davidson’s ‘precautionary’ approach seems well match for Pagan Ethics in general and for dealing with this particular … Continue reading

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Five Ethical Issues with Future Generations

Ernest Partridge, in his “On the Rights of Future Generations,” examines five particular problems when dealing with future generations: the re-population paradox (which is based upon Schwartz’s ideas),[1] temporal remoteness, ‘No-claims’ argument, non-actuality, and indeterminacy.[2] As seen with Schwartz’s challenge … Continue reading

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Thomas Schwartz and the Identifiable Fallacy

Thomas Schwartz, in his “Obligations to Posterity,” claims that there are no moral obligations to future persons based on the identifiable fallacy.[1]Any action that changes the future means that those persons born would be different than those who would have … Continue reading

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The How to of Daily Ethics: Why I like Randy Cohen

I was falling behind on listening to some podcasts when I realized that Randy Cohen produced his last edition of “The Ethicist” for The New York Times. I found Randy insightful and humorous; however, more importantly, he was willing to … Continue reading

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Responsibilities to Future Generations

One consideration in sustainability is our responsibilities to future generations. This topic often falls under applied ethics and has close ties to environmental ethics. However, applied ethics has concerns with relationships between individual persons. One problem that arises with dealing … Continue reading

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Love and Emotions and Robert C. Solomon

Solomon, Robert C. About Love: Reinventing Romance for Our Times. Lanham, Maryland: Madison Books, 2001. Robert C. Solomon was the Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Philosophy and Business at University of Texas at Austin whose untimely passing caused me great … Continue reading

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