Support for Logic, Support for Brendan Myers

Clear and Present Thinking Project Brendan Myers has a Kickstarter campaign for creating Clear and Present Thinking: A Free College-level Logic Text. You have a chance to be part of his project by pledging to his campaign to create a free critical text book for students. Kickstarter helps people with great ideas find the funding for their project.

Here, in Brendan own words, is what the project is about:

“If you took a course in philosophy or critical thinking at college or university, you paid an average of $70 for your textbook. I think that’s too much, especially for students who have to choose between food and the rent, two or three times a year, like a lot of my students. Yet the cost of these books never goes down, because students are a captive market.”

“So, I’ve been writing my own textbook, so that my students don’t have to buy one. I’d like to expand and improve it and then make it available to the whole world, for free.”

“This Kickstarter campaign will allow me to bring in more contributors, get more research resources, and hire designers and artists and translators, so that we can put together a very high quality teaching tool, and make it available to every student in the world.”

“The final product will be a series of pdf downloads for students, and a series of powerpoint slideshows and a test bank for teachers. I will also create a print-on-demand hardcopy option for those who want one, to be sold at the lowest  possible price.”

The good news is that Brendan has reached his goal for the book; however, if he reaches $10,000, then Brendan will create an audio book and French translation. You have until Saturday, July 7 to help Clear and Present Thinking: A Free College-level Logic Text campaign…oh yes, as a backer you do get some nifty rewards.


About William Blumberg

I engage in religious philosophy within a Pagan context. I serve on the Board of Directors of Cherry Hill Seminary and the Conference on Current Pagan Studies.
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