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My life among the Druids…well one weekend

My friend Carol was kind enough to invite me to Driudpalooza, which was a Lughnasadh weekend campout hosted by the Coastal Oak Grove ( along with other Druids and Groves for Lughnassadh. Everyone there was gracious and inviting to me. … Continue reading


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Beginning A Pagan Perspective

What is a Pagan Perspective? Note the hedge of ‘a Pagan Perspective’ ensuring that the multiplicity of Pagan voices be given adequate space. These voices will give rise to questions on some of the themes presented by both Schwartz and … Continue reading

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Tsunami, Taking Actions, and Piety

I woke this morning and checked my twitter account (@williamblumberg) to find that a major earthquake occurred near Japan and that a tsunami had already impacted some coastal areas in Japan. My heart goes out to all those affected by … Continue reading

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Ritual as Dissipation System

Ritual operates as a self-organizing dissipation system for ontological embodiment. Philosophers really know how to take all the fun out of something like ritual. Permit me to rephrase by saying that ritual permits the flow of energy, which is akin … Continue reading

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What is Piety

What do I mean by piety (Єύσέβεia )? Well, I would be remiss if I did not begin this journey about piety without acknowledging Socrates’ famous question. Plato, in his Euthyphro, has Socrates ask Euthyphro about piety. There many definitions … Continue reading

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Pagan Piety

Descriptions of Paganism seem froth with subjectivity, addendums, and conditional language which may lead a listener down a confused path. These twists and turns are clumsy just when clarity is needed. Many words and phrases are used to describe the … Continue reading

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