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Julian the Economist

Flavius Claudius Julianus Augustus, the last Pagan Roman Emperor (355 CE to 363 CE), has been vilify by some (Julian the Apostate) and held in great esteem by others (Julian the Philosopher); yet, what I have recently leaned from this Roman Emperor are some … Continue reading

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Making Connections

I love to dabble in the Tarot. Having been a literature major in college and a lover of fairy tales from a very early age, I really connect with the archetypes and stories behind the cards. For me, the Tarot … Continue reading

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My life among the Druids…well one weekend

My friend Carol was kind enough to invite me to Driudpalooza, which was a Lughnasadh weekend campout hosted by the Coastal Oak Grove ( along with other Druids and Groves for Lughnassadh. Everyone there was gracious and inviting to me. … Continue reading

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