Pantheacon 2014 Art Classes

Woven Circle is a group of artists, to which we belong, who are dedicated to bringing art to everyone. William will be leading wheat weaving classes, and I will be leading a tarot pocket book class this con with the help of our very talented Woven Circle members. We hope you can join us at PantheaCon.

Our art class, “Creating a Tarot Pocket Book” will be held on Sunday at 1:30 in San Juan/San Carlos. In this class, we will be creating an accordion fold book using card stock and magazine collage. This book is designed to be used with tarot cards to mark the Seasons of the year or hold a three card reading. Students may choose which they wish to create. All materials and supplies will be provided.

Tarot Book

Our beginning class “Introduction to Wheat Weaving” will be on Saturday at 3:30 in the San Juan/San Carlos rooms. This class focuses on beginning weaving techniques along with straw preparation and sources on books, materials, and local groups. In this class, each student will make at least two pieces of straw art: a Bridget’s Cross and Harvest Knot to bring home. All materials and supplies are provided.

We will be teaching an intermediate class “Intermediate Wheat Weaving” on Sunday at 3:30 in San Juan/San Carlos for those of you who have taken wheat weaving classes or are advanced hand crafters. This class focuses on intermediate weaving techniques. In this class, each student will make a Sunspray using weaving and adding techniques. All materials and supplies are provided.


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