The Weaver's Harp

Once, I have a web page mostly for vanity but I did use the Weaver’s Harp page to communication what was happening about the classes I was teaching and my activities. I thought that I was “cool” by having a page; however, I failed to keep it up and soon it was out of date. With the new world of social media, my old way of hard HTML code-based site was out of date and just too hard to keep up. So the link now takes you here, to my blog page, A Pagan Humanist.

Welsh Fan, Love/Harvest Knot, Brigit's Cross

Welsh Fan, Love/Harvest Knot, and Brigit's Cross. Photo by William

However, I would like to still have a place to permit a view into my world of straw art and music.

So I added two photos from the old site. One of some straw art and another of me playing the harp, which seem a nice way to remember.

William playing the harp. Photo by Zeora Sage


1 Response to The Weaver's Harp

  1. zoedarkshade says:

    Yay, straw art. Looking forward to your class at PantheaCon!

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