More Tarot Art

My next tarot art project was designed to take with me to the annual PantheaCon, which is held each year in San Jose, California. I notice that I am always drawn to the tarot classes. I love attending and gathering all the handouts and taking notes which I promptly stick into various books and folders so they are difficult for me to find later. I decided that since I was making the commitment to better understand the cards, I should have all of those notes and useful things available for reference. I decided to make a folder that I could take with me from year to year to gather all those things and use later when I was ready for study. I began with a large piece of heavy gauge paper and folded the bottom up to make two pockets. I then folded it in half. I secured the corners with tiny decorative brads so things would not fall through. I took some drawing paper measured it, folded it in half and sewed it into the fold, so I would have some paper to take notes. With that, I added two more inner pockets (for more storage) and sewed them in with the drawing paper. I finished the ends of the inner pockets sewing up the edges with waxed linen thread. And for decorative interest, I added some beading on the side. On the front, I painted a tarot card that I felt has always spoken to me, the High Priestess.

This folder served me well as I attended all the great classes at PantheaCon 2012. The paper was durable and the folder held up well to all of the traveling back and forth between classes. I will carry it again next year. And I am still using it while I sit down with my handmade tarot journal to begin my journey of discovery. Tarot journal? You ask. That, my dear readers, is another post.


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