The Rise and Fall of History of Rome Podcast

Forum Romanium

Forum Romanium (photo by Radomil 28.09.2004 GFDL)

It is with some sadness that one of my favorite podcasts is ending soon. The History of Rome with Mike Duncan will be coming to an end just as the Rome Republic and then the Empire ended.

Mr. Duncan will be ending this podcast with the exile of Romulus Augustulus, the last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

Even though the podcast is ending, my recommendation is go and subscribe. Mr. Duncan has done a great job of taking his listeners through the complex and all so very interesting subject of Rome. The podcast is filled with humor and insight.

Thank you, Mike Duncan, for all the years of work you have done for us.


About William Blumberg

I engage in religious philosophy within a Pagan context. I serve on the Board of Directors of Cherry Hill Seminary and the Conference on Current Pagan Studies.
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