Tarot Musings

As human beings, we love to create meaning out of things. I can remember days spent, as a child, studying the patterns in the sidewalk, the cracks in the ceiling, and the pictures in the clouds. As a teenager, I loved fairy tales and literature and looked for ways they entered into my daily life. And when I went to college, I discovered the tarot. What a wonderful tool! My first deck was given to me at 18. I loved the images, the stories the cards were telling, and the art. I loved exploring the different spreads and trying, through art and story, to make meaning out of things. I have read many books and articles, taken classes, and bought many beautiful decks. I have a series of art projects I have completed that use the tarot. I have been playing with the tarot for over 25 years and I still feel like a novice. I currently have over a dozen decks and only really connect with a few of them. I love the familiarity of the Rider Waite and always seem to return to it. This morning I was reading an article by Barbara Moore on the Llewellen site. In it, she talked about all the ways one could engage with the cards. I especially liked the part where she suggested to get to know the cards one at a time. You could choose to explore a card a day, a card a week, or a card a month. I find it funny that no matter how much time you spend with the cards, you are always a student of the tarot. So I decided I would study a card a week and record my musings. A card a day seemed to little time for exploration, a card a month seemed like overkill. But, a card a week seems like just enough time to look at meaning, story, symbolism. Plus, it gives me time to do some sketching of the cards. First, I need to decide which components to include into my study. I plan to take another look at Mary K. Greer’s “21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card” to help me decide on my format. I love the way she breaks down reading each individual card into so many insightful techniques. I also plan to keep a journal. I hope that by engaging in this process, I can make more connections with the cards and everything in my life.

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